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Welcome to Possessions, a ghoulish game of programs, puzzles, and poltergeists made exclusively for Playdate. In Possessions, you play as a restless spirit, wandering from neighborhood to neighborhood and home to home, possessing the residents therein, and messing with their relationships however suits your fancy. Why? Gotta pass time in the afterlife somehow.


  • 30 inventive levels of brain-scratching, spectral fun across 5 spooky neighborhoods
  • Highly original program-manipulating gameplay
  • A challenge score for each level that only the best possessors can achieve

Possessing You Say?

In each level, your goal is to alter a given relationship between two mortals by a certain amount. (For example, let's say you want to get the relationship between Mom & Dad up to five.) Your otherworldly prescience gives you the ability to see what these mortals are going to do before they do it. (Looks like Mom is in the hall and is planning on going to the Garage and Dad is in the kitchen planning on making dinner.) To accomplish your goal, you'll need to do some possessing and alter one of their plans. (Maybe you possess Mom so that she goes to the kitchen instead to see the delicious meal Dad is making, thus improving their relationship.)

But not so fast! You can lose a level if any relationship other than your goal changes by too much. (All the while, Son is planning on going to the study and will see that Mom is writing him out of the will! Do you deter him from that course or keep to your plan of redirecting Mom?) It is these kinds of agonizing decisions and madcap situations that make every level of Possessions an absolute delight.

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Game by Mick Johnson

Art by Eve Moroyoqui (Dark Elf Dungeon)

Additional Art by Mick Johnson & Aimee Venot

Updated 6 days ago
Published 28 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsmickajohnson, DarkElfDungeon
Tags1-bit, Ghosts, Playdate, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes


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Is the Sinkhole level actually possible? I'm really struggling here, one person always ends up ending the game on the second turn...

It is! I know a lot of people have had a tricky time with that level. Let me know if you’d like a tip on what the first possession should be. 

Decided to have another go and did it! Thanks for offering :) Really nice game as well

Good work! Looking forward to the full release!